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Church of San Vicente


At the beginning of the 18th century, the Brotherhood of the Rosary, originally established in the parish church of Santa María, fell into decadence, from which it emerged thanks to the impetus of the Venerable Simón el Ermitaño, who died in 1711 and to whom we owe the construction of the chapel we are dealing with, dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer El Venerable Simón, who lived in retirement in the hermitage of San Benito, succeeded in reviving the enthusiasm of the brotherhoods and devotees of the Rosary by means of the processional procession through the streets of the town at dawn and in order to have their own temple in which to celebrate their worship, shortly after his death the Brotherhood of the Rosary of the Aurora began to build the temple of San Vicente, which was completed in 1739. At the end of the century, on 1st January 1792, the brotherhood approved new rules.


In 1914 it fell into decline and was definitively dissolved. In the middle of 1917, the church was definitively closed. In 1936 it also suffered the consequences of the Civil War, and all its movable heritage was destroyed.



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