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Visita Guadalcanal

Convent of the Holy Spirit


This convent of nuns was founded, around 1612, by a son of the locality who lived in Potosí (America), who spent 80,000 pesos of silver for its construction. It took this name precisely because it was built next to an existing hospital, founded by the priest Benito Garzón in 1511. The chapel that was built next to this convent, although it has undergone some alterations, still retains some traces of the time of its construction, especially on the altar. The building is made of masonry and rendered brick. It has a Latin cross floor plan, with the nave and chancel covered by a barrel vault with lunettes and sashes, and a half-orange vault in the transept.


The doorway, located at the foot, has a linteled opening between pilasters and an entablature with a straight pediment. The altarpiece – made by Mateo Méndez for 8,300 reales – is decorated with paintings of Pentecost, the Imposition of the Chasuble on Saint Ildefonso, Saint Catherine, the Coronation of Our Lady, the Nativity of the Lord and the Nativity of the Virgin. From the founding period there is also a Tuscan courtyard inside what was once the convent of the Comendadoras del Espíritu Santo, which belonged to the Missionary Sisters of Christian Doctrine from 1901 until October 1998, when they abandoned it. It is possible that Martínez Montañés worked on the split pediment that crowns the central core of this convent. Today, the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus presides over the altarpiece. In the church, margins of San José, Dolorosa and San Antonio de Padua. The holy water font is very interesting, made up of gallons and girded by the Franciscan cord.

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