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Church of Concepción


A 17th century Baroque building, commissioned by Don Álvaro de Castilla in 1614 as a convent and hospital, to which the church is attached. The convent hospital occupied a large area. The church has a single nave covered with a barrel vault and a semicircular dome at the altar. At the foot of the tribune is the Mudejar-style choir, and at the chancel there is an altarpiece with Baroque plasterwork and a 17th-century Sevillian tiled altar. In the main niche of the altarpiece was the image of the Immaculate Conception, the patron saint of the church.


On the right side of the nave was the chapel of the Brotherhood of the Cristo de las Aguas, Señor Sentado en la Peña and Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Hdad. de Las Tres Horas). It currently has its canonical seat in the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption. Important are the neoclassical porticoes that give access to the church.

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